Everyone has played the game of TAG as a child...everyone! However, my mind was blown today when I found out that TAG is actually an acronym and I had no idea! Like I said, we have all played the game. One person starts out as It, chases other people around until they are able to touch someone else, which in turn makes that person it. Of course there are different variations of the game. There's flashlight TAG, freeze tag, toilet tag (although I think I was the only one who played that game), heck, there's even a movie about the game of TAG.

However, there is more to the game of TAG than we all realized. There's a post trending on social media that says that the game of TAG actually stands for "Touch And Go." If you're like me, you're completely shocked that you never thought of that before. I mean that's exactly what the game consists of. Touching someone and then running away as fast as you can.

There you have it...your fun fact of the day! TAG actually stands for "Touch And Go." So run along and tell your friends about your newfound tidbit of information. When you do, make sure that you let them know that they are IT before you run away!

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