I would be willing to bet that all of us have broken this Indiana law at least once.However, we probably had no idea that it was technically illegal. Let's say that you are in the Target parking lot with a lot of empty parking spaces, like this:

Google Maps
Google Maps


Do you pull into a parking spot like the white vehicle, or do you pull on through to the spot in front so you don't have to back out when you leave? Chances are, you are going with the second option, right? If you are guilty of doing that, you are breaking the law!

According to DumbLaws.com, it is illegal to back into a parking space (or pull forward as in the example above) in the state of Indiana. It's True! The reason behind this is because "it prevents police officers from seeing the license plate."

Now, we all have done it before. However, since it is illegal, I will plea the fifth on backing into a parking space with my truck. Clearly though, this law isn't heavily enforced. You don't have to worry about going to jail or anything for it, but it is just one example of dumb laws that you probably didn't know existed in Indiana.

There's a whole list of laws like that too. Some are very, very odd! You can see them for yourself right now by clicking here.

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