In a story aired last night on Eyewitness News, originating from a station in Missouri, a Branson woman is mad at Taylor Swift for what she sang (or might have sang) at Sunday's Grammy Awards.In the news story, a woman, who from what I can tell runs a convenient store in Branson, Missouri, is upset because she thinks Taylor sang a disparaging remark about her town.  The song Swift performed was 'Mean' which, if you listen to country music is very familiar to you at this point.  What the Branson woman claims, the Grammy winner sang is 'washed up in Branson.'  Now whether or not you like Swift's music, you probably know the line is 'washed up and rantin.''  For the sake of argument, let's say she changed the words on stage, the next line makes no sense...'washed up in Branson, about the same old bitter thing.'

You know what I think?  I think this woman is way too proud of her city.  Is that a diss?  Maybe.  Come after me now.  Secondly, I think she just wants her granddaughter to meet Taylor.  Notice in the clip, how the girl suggests Taylor should come play a concert in Branson to apologize.  Sounds like a ploy to me.  And you know what?  Knowing Taylor, it will work, because she has a big heart and will more than likely apologize, even though there's no reason to.

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