Some families have unique parenting situations. That reality also applies to a Branson, Missouri dog who has been a mom to ducks and a rooster since they were little.

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This question came up when I came across a video of a Golden Retriever with ducks and a rooster on her back while she swam around a pool. The owner explained:

Our Golden has been a mom to these ducks and rooster since they were little.

This is why there are few dog breeds more special than Golden Retrievers.

The American Kennel Club describes Golden Retrievers as "intelligent, friendly and devoted". That's spot-on accurate from my experience. You could also add "patient" to that description as I've seen Goldens that tolerate crazy behavior from kids and other animals beyond what most dog breeds would.

I don't know the situation behind why the ducks and rooster needed a mother. All I can say is it looks like this family including animals make quite a team. We should all be so fortunate to get along as well as these.

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