One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to lay down on the ground, with my mom, and look up at the clouds. We would take turns picking out a cloud and explain what it looked like. My husband and I do the same thing with out granddaughter today. She loves it.

Right after my mom passed away, I spotted a bluebird shaped cloud in the sky above my house. She loved Blue birds and I felt it was a sign from her showing how much she loved me. I posted it on Facebook and some of my friends commented that they saw something entirely different that a bird. It’s funny, I guess, how we all see things differently, even the shapes of the clouds.

Do you see a bird? That’s ok, no one else did either, except my sister.

There is no denying the formation that was seem in the clouds over a chitin China. The ghostly shape appeared high in the sky, over the city skyline. Its appearance was huge and extraordinary. The clouds or image looked just like Hogwarts, the wizard school in the Harry Potter movies. It’s crazy how real it looks.

Here is the a video that was taken and shared with Daily Mail.

According to Daily Mail, the reason for the image is more a mirage, or reflection of a nearby building, than a cloud.

The phenomenon normally appears when moisture in the air becomes warmer than the temperature of the water below. As the rays of sunlight cross from the colder air into the warmer air, it is 'bent' or refracted - creating a reflection in the air. The patterns in the mirage are typically blurred and shimmering with a resemblance to human structures. They are similar to a reflection seen in the water.

Whatever the reason, its very cool and very magical.

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