This is something that we all have been waiting for when we stay up all night and are extremely hungry. Denny's just announced they're rolling out a new 24-hour delivery service at about half of their locations around the country.  They're planning to add more locations once it's up and running.

As of now, none of the Tri-State locations are delivering, but we are hoping that the Tri-State will be added soon. Imagine how great this would be. After concerts, or late nights, Denny's is one of the only places open, so naturally that's where you go. Let's say you are having a late night at home with a bunch of friends and you get hungry, but there's nothing to eat and you don't want to leave. BAM! Denny's Delivery! It's genius!


You can order breakfast, lunch, or dinner just like you would if you were dining in.  Here's the cool thing about the delivery system: if you're worried about your fries and other food getting soggy with the delivery, have no fear! They have already thought of that.

Denny's  a special box with vents on the side to keep stuff from getting soggy. After multiple tests, they have created a box that keeps food fresh and stops them from getting soggy.

So here's to hoping that the Tri-State will soon be able to have Denny's delivered to your doorstep. In the meantime, there are some new, cool ways you can order their food. THis includes their smartphone app, and You can order through their app by direct messaging them on'll also be able to order through Facebook soon!


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