Last year, we bought a camper. We had always wanter one, but, it took a pandemic to make us see the life is too short to wait for the right time. Since we love to camp and wanted a way to spend more time with family, it turns out that now was the perfect time to make that big purchase.

While camping with out granddaughter, we became quite the experts at making S’mores. If you ask her, S’mores are her favorite thing about camping. Well, the top three include; S’mores, hikes with Papa and scary stories around the campfire. I can’t really blame her, I like those things a lot too.

Now, when she comes to visit us at our house, she expects us to make S’mores. Since we don’t usually have a campfire going at all times, it makes the request difficult. So, I had to find ways of making her favorite treat without a campfire. That’s when I went in search of the very best S’mores recipes that don’t require camping.

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We tried making them on the microwave, which was ok, but not really the same and everything just seemed a little soft and soggy. Our microwave S’mores had no crisp. You know the light brown layer, or black burnt if you prefer, that covers the outside of the marshmallow? We couldn’t get THAT by cooking it in the microwave.

Another attempt to perfect the indoor S’more was by cooking them on the stove in a skillet. We ran into the same problem AND everything just melted into the pan. You had to scoop it up on a graham cracker, like a dip, to get a bite. My granddaughter was not impressed with these failed attempts. She really wanted a S’more like we made on the campfire.

That’s where the recipe for Eggo S’mores comes in. I got online and went to my favorite food and cooking website,, and there it was. Probably the best indoor S’mores recipe we have found.

It’s so simple, all you need is large marshmallows, chocolate bars and a box of Mini Eggo Waffles. I’m telling you, they are delicious. And, if you everything S’mores, the Delish YouTube channel has a ton of recipes and variations to choose from.

Find the recipe video for Eggo S’mores, HERE.



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