For all you Hoosiers that cross into the Bluegrass State on a daily basis, or for the Kentuckians like me, that travel home each afternoon over the southbound bridge, fun times are ahead once again next week.  Acording to News 25, there will be lane restrictions on the southbound bridge starting Monday, causing possible delays.  Patch work will be done on the deck of the bridge daily from 8am until 3pm.  In the 3 years I've lived in Henderson, while commuting to Evansville, I can't count the number of times I've encountered a closed our lane-restricted bridge, so I thought it was time to be a little more creative in finding ways to cross the mighty Ohio River.

1) Drive to Owensboro  - If you're not afraid to add another hour and a half to your route, you could take the Lloyd and go to Reo and cross into Owensboro, before tracking back to Henderson, but wait the blue bridge in Owensboro is closed right now too...well dang!

2) Pole Vault - If you gather enough driftwood still left in the fields from the floods of the spring, you may find enough to fashion a pretty sturdy pole to leap over the river.  If you fail, you could always ask for help from those folks that live on stilts out there.  By the way, how do they get to their houses anyway?  And where do they go when it floods?  And what's their address?  I digress.

3) Play Human Frogger - Remember when Frogger successfully crossed the road, surviving the traffic (which is what you'd have to do on the bridges anyway), then he had to negotiate logs to get home.  There's plenty of logs and barges that you may be able to find the opposite bank and make a high score in the process.

4) Wipeout Course - I say we need to hire the crew from ABC's hit show, Wipeout to construct a crazy impossible obstacle course including the sweeper arms, jiggilator, and big balls.  Sure only a select few could make it across, but who hasn't watched Wipeout, and thought, "I could do that, and not get hurt."  Go ahead and try it.

5) Slingshot - If you stopped playing Angry Birds long enough to read this blog, than you know what I mean.  If I was any Angry Bird, I'd be the black one, because not only do I want to knock things over on impact...I wanna blow it up too!  Wait, where was I?  Sorry, I will just get back to playing Angry Birds until the traffic clears up.

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