I've tried to come up with some deep thought about what this video means. The simple fact is that I can't. It's a Missouri piglet that just won't say off of the family sofa and that's it.

The family doesn't appear to have any wildly life philosophies either. Here's how they described this little guy and his affinity for all things sofa:

Our little piglet doesn't like taking no for an answer when it wants to be on the sofa with dad.

This future bacon provider (Editor's note: you really can't say that) is so cute that I almost feel guilty thinking of my favorite BLT sandwich in the same breath as him wanting to couch cuddle. I said "almost".

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All bacon humor aside, I enjoy sharing wildlife and livestock moments like this. There are certainly deeper more serious issues we're dealing with as a society, but sometimes you just need a fun "piglet jumping on the couch" moment and that's all this is.

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