I have been employed with Townsquare Media for about 8 years now first hosting middays on our sister station - Superhits 105.3 at that time.  Shortly afterwards, I picked up some weekend shifts on 99.5 WKDQ.  And since 2015, I've helped keep 3rd shift workers awake on the overnight show on WKDQ.   And now, after all these years working on the Best Country radio station in the tri-state, I'll be starting a new chapter in my life.  

Deb Turner
Deb Turner

Starting Monday, January 30th, I have accepted a position as the Promotion Director and host of the afternoon show from 2pm - 7pm on our sister station, the new My105.3 WJLT  So, I'm not going too far away!  Just up the dial is where you'll find me!

Thanks to my co-workers Dave, Leslie, Travis, Melissa, and Big Bill Love on 99.5 WKDQ for all the fun we've had!  No matter what we did together - bowling, meetings, just talking, videos, more meetings, fall festival, giving Dave a Colts football on Boss's Day even though his favorite team is the Buffalo Bills, or hanging out together for a show at KC's Timeout lounge -there's always been laughter, always.  I've loved being part of WKDQ. And I will miss all these guys and you!  Thing is, I'll still see the Q Crew everyday 'cause they'll just be down the hall!

OMG... I am so blessed to work at a job that I absolutely love doing.   And so, here goes!  I'm beginning a new chapter in my life!  But, this is not goodbye.  I will be just up the dial on My105.3 WJLT starting Monday.   #MyNewJob  #LoveWhatYouDo  #Blessed  #Thankful




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