Regardless of which party you affiliate with, if you even affiliate with a party at all, I think we can all agree exercising your right to vote is one of the most important things we can do as citizens of the United States. That doesn't mean just during the November elections, but the primaries as well, which in Indiana is set for May 8th this year.

But before you can head to the polls and "make your voice be heard," you need to be registered. Fortunately, thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, you can take care of it through the Indiana government website.

What if you're not sure if you're registered? Maybe you kind of, sort of remember filling something out at one point in time, or you're like me and recently moved to a new house in a different town (Evansville to Newburgh in my case), and you aren't sure if your registration transferred over, or if you need to re-register. You can also find that info on the Indiana government website by clicking "Check Your Registration Record," then entering your first and last name, date of birth, and current county of residence.


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