The only museum in the world dedicated to ventriloquism is located in Kentucky.

All Eyes on You

This is the one museum you can walk through and have all eyes on you.  Looking at this museum's photos and videos may give you a bit of an unsettling feeling.  And there is something a bit creepy about something that isn't human but looks human like a ventriloquist dummy.  Thanks to Hollywood and horror movies, a scary image comes to mind when many think of these puppets.  But ventriloquism and these dummies played a huge part in shaping the entertainment industry that we know today.  There's a museum in Kentucky that's dedicated to celebrating the history of ventriloquism.

Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash
Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash

Kentucky's Ventriloquism Museum

Only one museum in the world is dedicated to ventriloquism and it is located in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.  The Vent Haven Museum is home to hundreds of ventriloquist dummies.

According to the Vent Haven Museum, ventriloquism is the cornerstone of the entertainment industry and they want to celebrate this performance art that has been around for centuries.

Photo by Sean Foster on Unsplash
Photo by Sean Foster on Unsplash

They say if you are a fan of unique places, niche museums, or just love seeing massive collections, then the museum is a must-see destination.

Our founder, W.S. Berger, spent more than 40 years amassing a personal collection of everything related to ventriloquism: dummies, puppets, photos, scripts, memorabilia, playbills, posters, recordings, and on and on and on! In 1973 his massive collection was officially opened to the public and since then has more than doubled in size as its name and reputation have spread worldwide.

Housing more than 1,100 dummies used by ventriloquists from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, Vent Haven's uniqueness draws tourists from literally around the world. 

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If you'd like to see the Vent Haven Museum, tours are available by appointment only.  So be sure to book your tour before heading to the museum.  You can find out more about the Vent Haven Museum, and book your tour, here. 

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