When it comes to architecture, the more unique, the better. I do really like the historical homes that get a makeover renovation, too. But, give me a cave, shipping containers, old factory lofts, or houseboats, any day. That's why when I saw this condo in a building that looks like a cruise ship, I was like, woah. That is something I gotta see.

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This condo building looks like a giant cruise ship in the middle of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Even if you aren't very good with Geography, I think you know that Indianapolis isn't positioned on the ocean or a Great Lake. Yet, here we are looking at a building that I swear is a cruise ship.

But, it's not. It's just a uniquely shaped building to fit into the uniquely shaped property on which it was built. I'm not sure if the architect was going for a cruise ship look, but that is what they got.

I guess if you have multi-level, large, surround type balconies, you will get a cruise ship kinda facade.

Do you wanna see one of the staterooms...I mean, condos?

Ok, I found some photos of one of the condos on Zillow, because it used to be for sale. It's absolutely gorgeous with three bedrooms and four bathrooms: plus some very cool features that blew my mind.

They were  asking almost $2 million for it. Take a look.

Indiana Condo Looks Like It Is On A Cruise Ship

Indianapolis Condo has unique architecture, a race car driving simulator, and an incredible, almost panoramic, view of downtown.

To see the original listing, with more great photos, click HERE.

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