Halloween is my favorite, I always like to go all out, but this year I got a new decoration that was super easy to set, and it looks AWESOME! 

Last year right before Christmas I stumbled across something called the Window Wonderland at Menards, it was on sale for a whopping $10!! I'm still not sure why it was on sale for so cheap, I think regularly they're $50 or so. So I snagged one up!

It ended up being my cutest Christmas decoration last year, I had Santa waving in the window.  But this year I get to break it out for my favorite holiday, Halloween!

It has 6 Halloween settings, so I took a video showing you each one. While I haven't checked to see if Menards has anymore of these, I did see you can find it on Amazon for only about $18!

So if you are like me and have  a goal of having the most "extra" house on the block when it comes to decorating, this is so easy, and looks so cool!


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