Cleaver's Prime Sandwiches and Salads brings you another edition of the Country Whuppin'.   Joanna Smith has picked up her 5th and final win to land her in the Country Whuppin' Hall Of Fame.  So, that means two new songs face off today in a Country Whuppin' between local favorites in the Tri-State, Glen Templeton and Tri-State native, Jason Sturgeon!

Challenger #1 - Glen Templeton "Sing That Song Again"


Glen Templeton first made a name for himself playing the part of the legendary Conway Twitty.  Since then he has been doing more dates nationally than most major label artists.  He came to our first Taste of Country concert last September and is back with the follow-up to "I Could Be The One" called, "Sing That Song Again."

Challenger #2 - Jason Sturgeon "Time Bomb"

Jason Sturgeon is a guy who grew up in the heart of America...right here in the Tri-State.  That's why Jason sings about the stuff that goes on in our backyards.  His latest single shows off his rockin' country side.  Listen to this Indiana boy's "Time Bomb."

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