After 3 big wins, Clay Walker couldn't hold off a come back from Gary Allan.  Gary's new single takes over as the champ in today's Country Whuppin' to take on new North Carolina band, Parmalee.


Challenger - Gary Allan "Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain"

Livin' the life of a country song is something Gary Allan knows all about.  Over the last decade, his tunes have reflected a darkness of some of the experiences he has encountered.  It's been a couple years since he's had a song on the charts, and while his new single still has some darkness to it, it seems to be more positive than his recent offerings.  Is it enough to win the Whuppin'?  That's your vote and yours alone.

Challenger - Parmalee "Must've Had A Good Time"


I first heard of this band during the CMA Music Fest this year.  Their faces were plastered across the side of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.  It wasn't long after, that I saw the same faces on my desk.  These country rockers are somewhat of a family band with two brothers, a cousin, and close friend.  I guess when you start a band in a town of barely 200, you kind of have to start that way, though.  You can feel there chemistry on the first rowdy single, but will it be enough to win this battle?  Vote if you think so.

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