Clay Walker and Jesse James rides in to town once again as the champion on the Country Whuppin'.  After taking down Alan Jackson, Clay looks for win number 4 today against another Al(l)an.  This time it's Gary Allan, back after a long absence to challenge in the Country Whuppin'. 


Champion - Clay Walker "Jesse James"

Clay Walker has been a hit-maker in country music since about 1993. What's crazy about Clay, is that he can have a hit, then leave the scene for a while and then come right back with a new hit like he never left. This may be another one of those for him, as we haven't heard much from him since "She Won't Be Lonely Long." Clay is back with a rockin' country tune called Jesse James. And make sure to listen for a special personalized shout out to Evansville.

Challenger - Gary Allan

Livin' the life of a country song is something Gary Allan knows all about.  Over the last decade, his tunes have reflected a darkness of some of the experiences he has encountered.  It's been a couple years since he's had a song on the charts, and while his new single still has some darkness to it, it seems to be more positive than his recent offerings.  Is it enough to win the Whuppin'?  That's your vote and yours alone.

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