Tim Dugger was close, but "God For A Day" just couldn't bring Tim back to the Hall of Fame.  He ran into the powerhouse, Casey James who takes over as champion on the Country Whuppin', brought to you by Cleaver's Prime Sandwiches and Salads.  Casey's "Crying On A Suitcase" faces Katie Armiger and her new single, "Better In A Black Dress."


Champion - Casey James "Crying On A Suitcase"


His third place finish on season 9 of American Idol gained him a lot of attention, but his continued work on songwriting, excellent singing, and fabulous guitar-playing has gotten him noticed and secured him a record deal with BNA.  This is his second release from his self-titled album.

Challenger - Katie Armiger "Better In A Black Dress"


At 20 years old, Katie Armiger could already be called an old pro in country music.  She's been putting out music in Nashville for over 4 years already and she's gathered a fan base big enough to vote her last single to the top of GAC's countdown.  Katie plays this Friday at Backstage Bar and Grill in Evansville and to prepare, we have her latest single on today's Whuppin'.



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