Wine is a delicacy, especially among ladies. One that tastes like cotton candy? I think this might be considered what heaven tastes like.

Most grocery stores sell wine. It's just a given. We all have our favorites and I personally love a semi- dry red wine, but pretty much drink any. I am not too picky. Wine is one of my favorite things to indulge in from time to time. I also enjoy candy, a lot. I seriously love candy and yes, I have had cavities to show for it.

When I was browsing through Facebook, as I do several times a day, I stumbled on a post that caught my eye. A grocery store near my house is selling Cotton Candy Wine! Yes, you read that right. Both of my favorite things (wine and candy) mixed together to become something I need, NOW. From what I understand, it's only for a limited time and while supplies last at McKim's IGA in Mount Vernon.  *Excuse me while I jump in my car and head straight there.* Of course, you must be of legal drinking age to purchase, but if you're like me and want some; don't wait!


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