Halloween is right around the corner and a brand new remake of Stephen King's 1974 horror classic, Carrie hits theaters on October 18th. The main character is Carrie White, a socially awkward teen who endures constant bullying in school, only to discover she has telekinetic powers that she uses to seek revenge on classmates in a fit of anger. Sissy Spacek gave a brilliant and chilling performance in the original movie as Carrie White. What if a real life 'Carrie' scenario could actually happen? That is exactly the question a group hired to promote the new film asked as they prepared for a hidden camera prank inside a busy New York City coffee shop.

The elaborate prank involved some great special effects including fake walls, motorized tables and spring-launched books and an entire ensemble of actors who played their parts perfectly.

The prank starts with one of the actors spilling a cup of coffee over another actress' laptop. The actress gets very angry and kicks in to telekinesis mode, scaring the living daylights out of actual non-suspecting customers. This is a brilliant prank and very realistic as you can see below.