I don't know if the Christkindlmarkt is a commonly known thing in other parts of the country, but it's a pretty big deal in parts of Indiana. In fact, the Hoosier state is home to one of the best Christkindlmarkts in the country.

What is a Christkindlmarkt?

Simply put, a Christkindlmarkt is a German Christmas market - the actual translation is "Christ Child Market." Christkindlmarket.com gives a more in-depth description...

The Christkindlmarket unites cherished German and European traditions with international flair and local charm. Inspired by the 16th century Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg, Germany, one of the first outdoor markets of its kind, the Christkindlmarket is well-known for its vendors’ high-quality gifts and food, holiday cheer, and for being the ideal place for families to make unique memories.

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ROBEN BELLOMO, CarmelChristkindlmark.com
ROBEN BELLOMO, CarmelChristkindlmark.com

Where to Find the Best Holiday Market in America

Plan a trip to Central Indiana this holiday season so you can experience the winner of USA Today's "Best Holiday Market" for the past three years - the Carmel Christkindlmarkt.

Visitors to the market can enjoy delicious German food and drinks from over 20 vendors, shop for unique gifts, and enjoy holiday music performed by artists from around the world. The Christkindlmarkt also offers the following experiences...

  • Kinderecke - "Kids Corner" is a special space for families to make crafts and memories together during all Market hours.
  • The Kulterecke - A great opportunity to explore Indiana's rich German-American history.
  • Spielhaus - The "Playhouse" is home to kid-friendly entertainment and meet-and-greets with characters that will spark your little ones’ imaginations.
  • Werkstatt - The "Workshop" will show how some of the traditional Christmas decorations that you find at the Market are made.

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Carmel Christkindlmarkt Dates, Hours, and Costs

The market is open on Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm-9pm, Friday and Saturday from 12n-9pm, and Sunday from 12n-8pm. It is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Those hours are good for December 1-3, 6-10, and 13-24. Admission to the market is FREE, but you will obviously have to pay for items you purchase from vendors.

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