A woman caused a stir online after she dyed her dog to look like the Grinch, with some accusing her of "animal abuse."

On TikTok, Ashley Spielmann, a 37-year-old mother of five from Chicago, shared a video of her miniature schnauzer's groomer dyeing the pup bright green, red and white to resemble the iconic Christmastime character.

"When your groomer slays making your dog into the Grinch," she captioned the viral TikTok video of her dog Rizzo's festive new look, which has amassed over 12.7 million views as of publishing.

Watch the TikTok below:

However, in the comments section, many expressed their concern for the dog's safety, with some crying "animal abuse."

"Kinda looks like animal abuse to me, idk," one person wrote.

"I feel bad ... he or she looks so sad," someone else commented.

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should," another viewer weighed in.

"They did him so dirty," someone else wrote.

Spielmann shared a follow-up video ensuring everyone that her pooch is happy and well taken care of.

"You're just a Grinch, huh?" Spielmann jokes in the clip.

Watch below:

Speaking to SWNS Media Group, Spielmann addressed the criticism she's received on social media, insisting she remains unbothered.

"When I take him out on a walk, people go crazy for his fur. I took him to Starbucks the day after and people in the line were taking pictures of him," Spielmann told SWNS, according to Fox News.

"We're in [a] day and age where everybody has to comment on everything — good or bad. Comments are comments at this point. It doesn't bother me at all," she added.

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