They're at it again! Your favorite TV couple is taking on one of the biggest projects to date and are hoping to open in 2021.

If you love HGTV, chances are you love Chip and Joanna Gaines. They first took to TV with their show "Fixer Upper" but have since left the the HGTV show behind. It was a good run for a number of seasons but the couple had welcomed their fifth child and wanted to move on to other projects and continue giving back to their community.

The "Fixer Upper" couple had a goal to rebuild their hometown of Waco, TX. They have done just that with numerous remodels but also with their own business adventures. They capitalized on their originating 'Magnolia' construction business and have branched out to have a market, bakery, restaurant, Silos, and more!

It seems every year or two they come up with another grand idea for their town. Their most recent was their addition of their coffee shop which is set to open later this month. As of just a couple days ago, the couple announced they have a new business venture. One that needs some help from the outside. Chip and Joanna Gaines took to YouTube to announce the remodel of a boutique hotel in downtown Waco that is not far from the Silos! Check it out for yourself.

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