Chemo Buddies, the Evansville non-profit that provides volunteers to keep cancer patients company while receiving chemotherapy treatments is looking for volunteers to help provide some TLC to a space designed to provide some peace and relaxation to those same patients at Deaconess Gateway Hospital.

Gay's Garden sits near the Radiation area on the Gateway campus and serves as a quiet place for patients to sit or stroll through before or after treatment. However, much like your landscaping or mine, life gets in the way and it gets neglected which leads to weeds and a less-than-beautiful space no one wants to look at. With what hospitals like Gateway had to deal with over the past 15 to 16 months, it's totally understandable how maintaining the garden fell quickly down the priority list.

That's where you can help.

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If you alone, or you along with friends, family, or members of an organization you belong to (such as a church or youth group, for example) have some time to spare over the next few weeks and don't mind getting your hands a little dirty, Chemo Buddies would be extremely grateful if you spent that time getting rid of those unsightly weeds currently taking up space in the garden so patients can enjoy it's beauty once again.

To volunteer, simply give Chemo Buddies a call at 812-598-7910 to set up a day and time.

To learn more about the mission of Chemo Buddies, as well as how you can get involved in that mission, or make a monetary donation, visit their website,

[Source: Chemo Buddies on Facebook]

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