Johnny Cash left us in 2003, but left a legacy of music that will inspire many generations yet to come. Cash was an artist for the ages that influenced many of today's biggest hitmakers in all music genres. Folsom Prison Blues was recorded and first hit the charts in February of 1956. The original was a slow studio version that peaked at #4 on the national charts. When Cash told executives at Columbia records that he was going to record a live album at Folsom Prison, they told him he was crazy and that his career would be finished. As usual, Cash had the last laugh, and even today, Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison is one of the most successful live albums in history.

The live version of Folsom Prison Blues hit the charts in June of 1968 and rocketed to number one and stayed there for more than four weeks and is still one of the most iconic country singles ever.

Fast forward to 2013 and a new group called Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves. Their current single is a remake of Folsom Prison Blues that was produced by the late legend's son, John Carter Cash. The below video for the song features William Lee Golden from the Oak Ridge Boys and Doug Phelps from the Kentucky Headhunters.

I must say that I am very much a traditionalist and country music purist, but this version of Folsom Prison Blues rocks!!! I love it, I really do and I think the Man In Black himself would be very proud of this effort. See and judge for yourself.