Tim McGraw asked fans to submit photos and videos of them and their mother to be featured in his video for "I Called Mama", If you watch closely, you will spot a Chandler woman's photo.

Earlier today, a listener had sent me an email about a Chandler, Indiana woman being featured in Tim's video. As I watched, waiting for the description of the photo that she gave me, I was surprised to see that it was someone that I actually know!

Sarah Curl is shown in the "I Called Mama" video at her wedding, holding a photo of her mother. I worked with Sarah back in the day at Pizza Chef in Newburgh. She was very quiet at first, so I would always give her a hard time. It had been years since I had seen her, but recognized her as soon as I saw the photo on the music video.

Sarah's mom passed away in 2015 after a battle with cancer. Sarah had moved home from college at the end of her sophomore year of college to be her mother's caregiver after she was diagnosed with cancer. She said that she and her mom became "incredibly close those two years."

I asked her why it was so important for her to submit that photo to be a part of Tim's music video. She said that she wanted to do it because so many people take their families for granted. "I just wanted to send it in as a reminder that life is short. Enjoy the time you have with your parents, your siblings while you can."

Personally, I couldn't imagine losing my mom. So it takes something like this to make you reflect and really want to do what the song says- call up mama.

Sarah said that she had no idea it was chosen to be in the video, and she had actually forgot that she submitted her photo until her friend's mom sent her a message congratulating her on being included in the video. She said "I found the video and my husband and I sat and watched it together. It was emotional seeing it there, with those lyrics. I think I watched it on repeat fifteen times."

You can see Sarah and her mom at the 2:35 mark of Tim McGraw's new music video for "I Called Mama" below.

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