Today we celebrate National One Hit Wonder Day and I put together a list of my favorite one hit wonders' songs!

Just so there is no confusion here, let me define a one hit wonder. In this case will be defined as "an artist who is only known for one song by the majority of people." That's not to say that you might not know any other songs of theirs or that they haven't written other popular songs. This list is solely based on their singing career.

In no particular order, let's see if you remember some of these...

  • 1

    Pray For You- Jaron and the Long Road To Love

  • 2

    Just Got Started Lovin' You- James Otto

  • 3

    Strawberry Wine- Deana Carter

  • 4

    In Color- Jamey Johnson

  • 5

    God Bless The U.S.A.- Lee Greenwood

  • 6

    Leave The Pieces- The Wreckers

  • 7

    Harper Valley P.T.A.- Jeannie C. Riley

  • 8

    I Loved Her First- Heartland

  • 9

    Who I Am- Jessica Andrews

  • 10

    Baby Likes To Rock It- The Tractors

  • 11

    Achy Breaky Heart- Billy Ray Cyrus

  • 12

    Who Says You Can't Go Home- Bon Jovi

    Before you get too mad, I know Bon Jovi has had multiple top 10 hits. However, they have only ever had one country top 10 hit in their career...thus, a one hit wonder in country music!

  • 13

    I Don't Have To Be Me Til Monday- Steve Azar

  • 14

    Daddy's Money- Ricochet

  • 15

    Break Down Here- Julie Roberts

  • 16

    Burning House- Cam

  • 17

    One Voice- Billy Gilman

  • 18

    I Did It For The Girl- Greg Bates

  • 19

    Later On- The Swon Brothers

  • 20

    Smoke- A Thousand Horses

  • 21

    Nobody Knows- Kevin Sharp

  • 22

    Yes!- Chad Brock

  • 23

    Angel Eyes- Love and Theft

  • 24

    Single White Female- Chely Wright

  • 25

    You Can't Hide Beautiful- Aaron Lines

  • 26

    What I Really Meant To Say- Cyndi Thomson

  • 27

    Rose Garden- Lynn Anderson

  • 28

    That Ain't My Truck- Rhett Akins

  • 29

    Feed Jake- Pirates of the Mississippi

  • 30

    Rock On- Tucker Beathard