Cato, also known as Mr Personality, has been part of the PC Pound Puppy shelter family now for five years. This guy has waited 1,825 days for his forever home and he has found it... but there's a catch. Cato needs a super strong crate for when his human is gone from the house. Cato is a wonderful and sweet boy but he is also very strong so an ordinary crate just won't do. A heavy duty crate is a little on the pricey side at $519, but the rescue believes that this will be the perfect forever home for this loving boy, if he has the right crate. This is where  you and the Christmas miracle come in. PC Pound Puppies are asking the public to consider a donation to help them purchase this crate. There is some urgency for Cato as he is currently making use of a borrowed crate and it has to be returned on Wednesday. Donate through PayPal now or you can mail a donation to PC Pound Puppies PO Box 295 Mount Vernon, IN 47620


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