I love, LOVE! Especially when it involves two people that I think are pretty special.

When I met Carly Pearce, it was on her first ever radio tour. She stopped by the WKDQ studios for her first radio interview. At that time, she was single. I'm pretty sure the Dave, my former radio husband at the time, tried to solicit calls from Tristate relationship hopefuls for her. LOL.

Fast forward to a year later and WKDQ, along with KC's Marina Point, signed Michael Ray to perform at one of our St. Jude Country Cares Concert Series. When I met him, he was running a little late because he had been boating on the Ohio River all day and had lost track go time. He was sunburned and tired, but ready to rock. At that time he too was single.

Not long after, they found each other, started flirting on social media which blossomed into a former love. Both of them are incredible, humble people and I wish them all the best.

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