Buggy Bath car and dog wash opened just a few months ago on North Green River Road, last night, we checked out the self serve dog wash! 

Yesterday my dog George rolled in something, less than pleasant & it was time to give the dogs a bath anyways, so my husband Sam, and I decided to check out the new self serve dog wash on North Green, and we were not disappointed!

It was much easier than bathing them in the tub and having the mess at home, plus they have everything you need! Shampoo, conditioner, air dryer for your pups, you don't need to bring anything! Although I will say we did bring our own towels and treats from home and that helped, but they have a towel and treat vending machine if you forget.  What we also thought was nice, was the dog wash was right by the Deaconness Sports Park out there, so after we washed them, we took them for a nice long walk so they were dry by the time we left!

Check out our experience!



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