Indiana is known for a lot of things, but did you know that a food that most everyone enjoys was created right here in the Hoosier State?

Food...who doesn't love it, right? Sweet, savory, or spicy, food is something that everyone has in common. We all eat it. We all enjoy it. But have you ever given much thought as to where said food came from? No, I am not talking about eating a burger and thinking about the cow. What I am referring to here is where this food was either manufactured or got its start. When we think about food in terms of that, Indiana is home to some of the most iconic foods that we all know and love today.

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There are quite a few iconic foods that Indiana is responsible for, but what is the most famous food invented here in Indiana? Well, one website claims that they have found it, and it's hard to argue.


The Most Famous Food Invented in Indiana

The website, Travel A Lot, compiled a list of the most famous food invented in each state. There are several well-known foods on this list. When it comes to Indiana's, it's a food that we all have enjoyed a time or two...especially while watching a good movie.

Travel A Lot says that the most famous food invented in Indiana is Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn.

<p>Valparaiso, Indiana is home to the "King of Popcorn," Orville Redenbacher. Orville began popping his own corn at only 12 years old.</p><p>Back in the 1950s, Orville Redenbacher selected a small group of Indiana family farmers to grow his exclusive kernel for his brand. Today, farmers still grow that special kernel for the Redenbacher popcorn brand. </p>

Is that what you would have guessed as Indiana's most famous food invention? I must say that it makes perfect sense. It's the biggest popcorn brand in the country, and unless you flat-out despise popcorn, you've likely had Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn more times than you can count. If you found this interesting and would like to check out the other states' food contribution, click here.

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Reddit user, u/youcanneverbanme recently asked their fellow Hoosiers in the Indiana subreddit what they liked about living here. The question received hundreds of responses and the vast majority of them were positive. Of course, there were some that were negative because there are sad people who are perpetually angry on the internet and want everyone to know it for some reason, but we won't concern ourselves with those. We want to focus on the good, and when it comes to the good, there's plenty of it to enjoy.

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Outside the major cities, the Hoosier state is full of tiny little towns you've probably passed through on your way to one of those cities. Most of them are likely 100 to 150 years old, or older, and have been around far longer than the large metropolitan areas such as Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Evansville. Typically, they were started by early settlers who found their way to the state and decided to make it home. Eventually, others would join them, and a community was formed. Over time, as the surrounding areas grew, most of them were folded into those areas and governed by the nearest city or county's governing body officially making them "unincorporated," meaning they did not have their own formally organized municipal government.

A scroll through Wikipedia's long list of unincorporated communities in Indiana shows several of them have names that by today's standards would be considered weird, quirky, or just downright right funny. These are my 40 favorities.

Gallery Credit: Ryan O'Bryan

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