One website claims that this is the best Mexican restaurant in all of Indiana. Do you agree?

Who doesn't love a good taco? They are comfort food that has become so popular, that they even have a specific day of the week to eat them. Whether it's a soft or hard shell, there are so many ways you can prepare them. You can stuff them with chicken, steak, ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, rice, beans, pico, get the idea. However, when it comes to Mexican restaurants, there is so much more than tacos that you can enjoy. My personal favorite is a chimichanga. That being said, you also have the traditional staples of fajitas, taco salads, burritos, quesadillas, flautas, enchiladas, and of course, chips and queso.

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Now, of course, everyone has their favorite Mexican restaurant to dine at in Indiana. Mine happens to be El Maguey in Boonville (shoutout to El Maguey for the Chicken on the Beach). That being said, one food website claims that they have found the best Mexican restaurant in the entire state.


Is This the Best Mexican Restaurant in Indiana?

Taste of Home compiled a list of the best Mexican restaurant in each state. As far as Indiana goes, they chose La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant in Indianapolis.

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La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant has several locations in the Indianapolis area. Here's what Taste of Home had to say about this restaurant:

It doesn’t get much better than cheap beer and a heaping plate of enchiladas. That’s what you’ll find at any of <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" data-name="" data-module="content engagement" data-position="embedded links">La Hacienda’s</a> five locations around Indiana, where the stuffed and smothered tortillas reign supreme. Don’t skimp on the salsa, either—it’s made fresh in-house! Recreate the restaurant experience at home with a <a href="" data-name="" data-module="content engagement" data-position="embedded links">frosty frozen margarita</a>.

Have you eaten at any of La Hacienda's locations before? If so, do you think it's the best Mexican restaurant in the state?

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