Leslie and I were talking on air this morning about something that is really starting to bug me - people who have their faces constantly buried in their smartphone. The need to constantly check e-mail and Facebook is getting out of hand. It seems like one to one interaction is completely obsolete anymore.My wife and I spend a lot of time in restaurants and retail stores and all I see are people who just can't separate themselves from their phones... it's ridiculous and maybe even rude depending on the circumstances.

We were out  having dinner last Friday night and saw a young married couple sitting across from each other at a table. Both of them were totally immersed in their phones and did not utter a single word to each other for more than 25 minutes. When the silence was finally broken, the wife was pointing out something to him on her FB page...really?

I know I'm in the minority here, but it just makes me crazy and my wife is one of those people to some extent. Now, she is in home health so, she does have to have her phone on and with her at all times, but she is addicted to a solitaire game she plays on her phone while lying in bed at night and driving in the car - only not while she's driving. She does wonder why I make her drive most of the time though...hehehehe.

I just don't understand what people think they are going to miss by leaving their phone in their pocket or purse for just a few minutes. Why does it have to sit right next to them on the table? My favorite is the person who checks their phone, puts it down and then without it ringing or buzzing, picks it up 90 seconds later to check again.

Another thing that is really frustrating is when your spouse or S/O wants to talk about the weekend or vacation plans and does it all via text message. Are you kidding me? Pick up the phone and CALL ME already!!! I feel better now...oh, wait, I just got a text from my wife about the recipe for the Gumbo we made this weekend....I guess I better respond...this sucks.