Last night, I took my child to Nut Night, a local church's fall festival. My baby is just a little over a year so I tried to keep my costume on the G-rated side. I chose a scarecrow.

I waited until she had a nap and painted my face using some black eyeliner and lipstick on my nose and cheeks. When she woke up, she was mesmerized by my appearance but wasn't scared. My husband, on the other hand, thought I looked very scary. So, I took some photos with my phone to double check the fright factor.

Once I had a couple of shots, I thought it would be fun to apply some photo filters with my Tadaa photo editor app on my iPhone. The results were quite Halloween-esque. Take a look!

Here is my makeup, pre photo filters. PC: ashley sollars
Tadaa U-Bahn filter, vintage frame = ashley sollars
Tadaa Blue Steel Filter, vintage frame - ashley sollars
Tadaa Lucy Filter, vintage frame - ashley sollars
Tadaa Bronze filter - ashley sollars