Winter is coming...and it's going to feel a lot like it this week in the Evansville area.

It seems like just yesterday, we were soaking up the sun on a nice summer day. However, those days are long gone here in the Evansville area. Fall is upon us with colder temperatures in the air. So many people are thrilled by the fall weather, but it will feel more like winter this week, as we will be experiencing temperatures below freezing in the Evansville area.

While we will have plenty of sun this week, you might want to consider finally turning on the furnace because nighttime lows will be in the lower 30s in the area. Temperatures on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights will all be below freezing (32 degrees).

Since we will be experiencing temperatures below freezing, that also means that we could get our first light freeze/frost this week too. That's why the National Weather Service in Paducah has issued a Freeze Warning and Freeze Watch for portions of the Evansville area that is valid Wednesday night through early Thursday morning.

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Sub-freezing temperatures as low as 28 degrees are expected in some areas in portions of southwest Indiana, western Kentucky, and southern Illinois. Frost and freezing conditions will kill crops and other sensitive vegetation. It could also cause damage to unprotected outdoor plumbing too. Make sure that you cover up your vegetation and keep an eye on your pipes to make sure they don't freeze over.

You can find out more about where your county falls with the upcoming freezing temperatures by clicking here. Bundle up! It's about to be a little chilly!

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