Since he dropped his first single, "Who Needs Pictures," on Feb. 22, 1999, Brad Paisley has released a walloping 43 singles -- all but two of which have made it into the Top 20 on the country charts. As, for No. 1 hits: Almost half of Paisley's singles -- 18 of 'em -- landed in the top spot.

Paisley's first No. 1 single was actually the second song he released, the sentimental "He Didn't Have to Be." That song set the stage for Paisley as a troubadour extraordinaire, someone who sings the stories of our lives. Paisley's string of No. 1 hits also includes a streak of 10 consecutive No. 1 singles, launched with his 2005 duet with Dolly Parton, "When I Get Where I'm Going," and ending in 2009, with "Then."

But, which one of Paisley's No. 1 songs his is best? Read on for our ranking of them all. Keep in mind, too, that some of Paisley's biggest singles never made it all the way to the top: If you are wondering why "Whiskey Lullaby" or "Alcohol," to name a couple, are missing from this lineup, although they are, to this day, fan favorites, they topped out at No. 3 and No. 4 on the country charts, respectively.

You Think You Know Brad Paisley?

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