It was quite a week for new releases in country music, and these songs are a diverse batch. From a high-flying anthem that celebrates life to a meditation on being in a relationship while struggling with depression, there's something for every country fan. Read on to check out the new tunes!

Dierks Bentley, "Living": 

Dierks Bentley is celebrating the little things in life, as well as the big moments, in his new single, "Living." Bentley sings about how, at some points in your life, you are really living --  getting out into the world and experiencing all that it has to offer -- and other times, you just go through the motions.

“The idea for this song started from being on the road and realizing how little ‘living’ we were actually doing out there," says Bentley in a press release. "Whole days would go by where you never leave the bus and all you would see is the back parking lot of the arena.” He continues, “My goal for 2019 is to get outdoors and seek adventure whenever possible while also being fully present and living in even the ordinary moments … whether it be my son’s hockey practice and my girls’ theater performances or sitting around the table having dinner in catering with my band and crew.” -- CC

Kip Moore, "The Bull":

Kip Moore has shared another single from his newest album, Slowheart. “The Bull” is a fast-moving, confidence-boosting jam that gives thanks to all of the people and challenges in life that made Moore who he is today.

“This song embodies who I am and what we’ve been doing on the road as a band for years,” says Moore in a press release. "I think it’s something a lot of people can relate to, having to get back up and keep going after what you believe in. I’ve been waiting on this song to be heard." “The Bull” was co-written by Jon Randall and Luke Dick. -- CC

Tucker Beathard, "Better Than Me":

Tucker Beathard independently released Nobody's Everything, the first half of a double album studio debut, in late 2018, and subsequently inked a new deal with Warner Music Nashville. Now, the hard-rocking country singer-songwriter has shared "Better Than Me," his first single since joining his new label.

Despite the change in circumstances, the new track still has the reckless, go-it-alone feel that characterizes Nobody's Everything, and for good reason: it holds special meaning for the artist. "'Better Than Me' has always been one of my personal favorite songs that I have written, and I love playing it live," Beathard explains in a press release. "I think that the feeling behind the song is something really relatable, and I couldn't be more excited to get to release it, and hopefully at some point hear it on the radio. Having a new song out there is a great way to kick off the tour tonight, too." -- CL

The Cactus Blossoms, "Got a Lotta Love":

Ahead of the impending release of their new album, Easy Way, the Cactus Blossoms have shared "Got a Lotta Love." In the song, the brothers sing about how they are missing what life used to be like with their partners. Throughout the track, they oscillate between lamenting the choice to move on and lingering, hoping that the feeling returns. The Cactus Blossoms harmonize on the important questions: “Do you remember when we first met / Can we make it feel the way it did back then?” "Gotta a Lotta Love" was penned by the group's Page Burkum and Jack Torey, alongside Dan Auerbach. Easy Way is set for release on March 1. -- CC

John Paul White, "I Wish I Could Write You a Song":

John Paul White is trying to flip on his romantic switch with the release of his latest song, "I Wish I Could Write You a Song." In the track, White laments not being able to put words on paper when it comes to talking about his love for his partner. The singer explains in a press release, “This is me putting the rose between my teeth and trying to write a romantic song. Trying to measure up to this feeling that I have in my heart and not being able to get it on the page is the most endearing part of the sentiment.” "I Wish I Could Write You a Love Song" will be included on White's April 12 release, The Hurting Kind. -- CC

Jenny Tolman, "Welcome Mat":

Jenny Tolman’s newest single, “Welcome Mat,” is an honest and wholesome song about accepting people for who they are no matter who they are. Tolman explains in a press release that the song “celebrates all of the different kinds of people we get to have in our lives.”

She continues, “As humans, it’s so easy to be judgmental of ourselves, and of others, but I’ve learned that when you release that need to judge, it attracts all of the colorful characters that make life so exciting to live.” In the same release, Tolman shares that, when writing this track, she would ask herself what Dolly Parton would do, because “I look up to Dolly Parton so much because of her ability to never make one person feel alienated for being different from another.” -- CC

Son Volt, "The 99":

Off of their upcoming project Union, which will delve into themes of political division and disunity, Son Volt have shared the heavy-hitting "The 99," a track that offers commentary on the problem of income inequality.

Packed with cutting, memorable observations, such as "With no spot at the table / Hopes and dreams have died / The 99 percent have been taken for a ride," Son Volt lends support -- and a musical rallying cry -- to those struggling at the hands of an inequal pay system. Union is set to drop on March 29. 2019 also marks Son Volt's 25th anniversary as a band. -- CL

Randy Rogers Band, "Crazy People":

“Crazy People” is the first single from the Randy Rogers Band’s upcoming new album, Hellbent. An easy listen, the track finds Rogers reflecting on his time growing up in a small town near Fort Worth, Texas. He listens to his mother talk about the “sins” of the world, but begins to see her in a new light after discovering old pictures of her younger, more-wild years.

I found an old shoebox I wasn't supposed to find / Had written right on top ‘Summer '75,’” sings Rogers. “Saw Mama in a two-piece, hanging off a lifeguard stand / Daddy right beside her with a cold one in his hand.” “Crazy People” was written by Brad Clawson, Jamie Paulin and Will Weatherly; Hellbent is set for release on April 26. -- CC

Caroline Spence, "Sit Here and Love Me":

Caroline Spence’s latest single, “Sit Here and Love Me,” is an intimate look into the singer’s real-life relationship with her partner. The calming song is about living life while struggling with a mood disorder, and having to reassure those around you that it might affect.

"I'm dating someone with an incredibly sunny disposition, and as a person who deals with depression and anxiety, I've had to explain all that to him while knowing he might never fully understand it,” explains Spence in a press release. “That song is my way of saying, 'Don't worry, it's okay -- you don't have to try and fix anything for me. Just be exactly how you are.'" "Sit Here and Love Me" will be included on Spence's debut album, Mint Condition, which is set for release on May 3. -- CC

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