If you've got a kid and you're going to a Brad Paisley concert anytime soon, there's a chance you could be leaving with a guitar from Brad himself! 

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

In today's edition of "most adorable thing you've heard today" Brad Paisley recently talked in an interview about how he has a habit of giving guitars away to a lucky kid at his concerts.

He said he doesn't do it every concert, but if it's the right kid on the right night, he just may hook them up with a memory they'll never forget! However he doesn't give his guitar away without giving kids some instructions to follow, Brad says "

 "Every time I hand a guitar away I say, 'I want you to learn how to play this.'  They usually nod [but] I can't wait to see how many little guitar players we've sent out into the galaxy."

How cool is that?  So if you're going to a Brad Paisley concert anytime soon, if you're taking a kid with you, they might just get a memory to last them a lifetime.

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