On Tuesday, August 22nd, Warren County Sherriff's office was alerted with a call of an unusual variety and found themselves in a life-saving effort.

Rare Twin Fawns Born in Warren County

A deer had seemingly put down roots in a Bowling Green resident's backyard and had not moved much over 48 hours. The Sherriff's Department is more accustomed to calls of issues with domestic animals but deployed Animal Control Officer Lisa to the scene. 

Lisa immediately observed an animal in labor and distress, this mama was in some serious need of assistance. She assisted with the delivery of one fawn while backup was en route to the residence to aid in the birth of the second, twin fawn. 

Once earth side the twin fawns were tended to with bottle feedings of milk while mama deer was being assessed and encouraged with water. Shortly thereafter a local wildlife rehab arrived to transport all three to their facility at Wild 4 Life in Warren County.

The WCSO posted to Facebook saying, “The fawns are doing great, and after some medical treatment, the mother doe is showing improvements. We want to thank our ACOs, Lisa and Gene, as well as Sgt. Bull, for their response, dedication, and caring hearts!” - WBKO News

Sad Updates 


It was learned earlier this morning (Thursday, August 24th) that Mama Deer has passed away.

“Unfortunately, Mama didn’t make it despite my efforts to save her,” Lori Dawson gave us this update on her rehab Facebook Page. 

The twin fawns are also struggling with feeding, an important means of survival. They are in a fragile state are are very small. The twin fawns are male and female named Jack and Jill by Lori. She also shares that fawns are rarely born this small and she is praying for their survival.

In Search of Goats Milk

Wild 4 Life and Lori Dawson need goat's milk to help encourage the seemingly preemie fawns to thrive, it's going to be a detrimental resource in their survival odds. If anyone can help you are encouraged to reach out to the wildlife's rehab page on Facebook. 

As a mother to twins born premature, this story hits close to home. I hope these babies receive the assistance they need and find their own will to survive. I pray for great outcomes for these adorable little critters and those at the wildlife rehab in their amazing efforts.

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