Remember when your family trips as a kid? Back then, if you were heading to a different city, your options for a place to stay were limited to a hotel, a motel, or maybe a campground. Obviously, those are all still options today, and many of them are still great options, but as time has gone on, many of us have looked for something different. Something with a little more privacy or something unique has led to the rise in services like Airbnb and VRBO. While you won't find this Kentucky retreat on either one of those apps, when it comes to a unique experience, the Bourbon Barrel Retreat certainly looks like it fits the bill.

The retreat is located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky just over an hour's drive southeast of Louisville or just over a 45-minute drive west of Lexington depending on which way you're coming from. The retreat sits right in the heart of the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail and is anywhere from a 15 to 40-minute drive from most of the more popular bourbon distilleries in the region including, Maker's Mark, Jim Beam, Woodford Reserve, Four Roses, Wild Turkey, Buffalo Trace, and Heaven Hill.

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Kentucky Bourbon Trail
Kentucky Bourbon Trail

While the location is certainly a selling point, the cabins are what make it unique as each is built like giant bourbon barrels. Take a look.

Stay in Bourbon Barrel Cabins at This Secluded Kentucky Retreat

Located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky in the heart of the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the Bourbon Barrel Retreat offers a stay unlike any other you've likely experienced with cabins shaped like the barrels used to make all that delicious bourbon. For more information and to book a stay, visit the Bourbon Barrel Retreat website.

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The retreat also features concierge service with a staff of individuals, including the owners, who will help you plan the perfect trip free of charge. Not a bourbon fan, or a drinker in general? No problem. One of the staff members can help get you set up with non-bourbon experiences and dining recommendations.

For more information visit the Bourbon Barrel Retreats website.

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