Yesterday on the Facebook page Warrick County Awareness they shared a story from Tina Bealmear-Brown, she talks about a chance encounter she had a local Thorntons gas station. It reminds us to be kind, you never know what struggles people are going through.

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

Sometimes it's nice to hear a story that reminds us, there is still good in the world.  You never know how much a little kindness can  help change someone's day.

Here's the post from Warrick County Awareness:

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our own problems, and things going on in our life that we forget to be kind.  Even just a smile could change someone's day. One of the things that really stood out to me was when the man said that "he was even more appreciative that I actually smiled at him and took the time to talk with him for a few minutes." You never know what someone is going through, and sometimes just taking a few minutes out of your day to learn about someone elses day could really mean the world to them.

I remember one time our "dynamite boss" LaDonne said "If you can't give money, give time.  If you can give money, give both."  And that really stuck with me. So even if you don't have money to give, sometimes just giving someone your time is enough.

I hope wherever this man is, he has a safe trip home.

Thank you Tina and Warrick County Awareness for sharing this story. Sometimes we need this little reminder.

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