A Boonville woman had a very scary weekend, as someone called her posing as someone from the Warrick County Sheriff's Office. She's sharing her story in hopes to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.

I went to high school with this girl (who wishes to remain anonymous) and noticed a lot of people posting on social media that she has gone missing and no one could get a hold of her. It was a scary day for her friends and family, and even scarier for her as she recounts what happened on Saturday.

I know some of you read some posts on Facebook about me earlier and being missing. I just want to let everyone know that I don’t consider myself a gullible person and I’ve never been in trouble with the law and really do not know how any court stuff works at all. I’m posting this story because I DO NOT want this to happen to anyone else in the area. I received a phone call while I was at work today saying that it was the sheriffs office in Bonnville and that they had mailed a letter to my address and named my address for me to appear in court on a jury for a trial. My mother and one of my brothers has been selected multiple times so I really thought I had. I told them I didn’t receive a letter. He said since I didn’t show up to the trial and said I had a warrant out for my arrest and ask me if I was aware and obviously no I wasn’t. He told me I had to pay a fine for a ticket for missing court or I was getting arrested. He said I had to leave work or they were coming to arrest me. I hysterically left work and as soon as I got in my car he said that all my social media accounts were being monitored at this point and he was going to give me turn by turn directions. I thought he was legit watching me and I was scared to death to get off the phone or answer anyone else’s calls which is why everyone thought I was missing because I abruptly left work and wouldn’t answer my phone. I went to the bank to get money to pay for my ticket. I was scared for my life. No I didn’t make it to the sheriff station. He told me to stop at dollar general to get these specific voucher cards to take to the sheriff station and give them my ticket number that he had given me. Luckily a text popped up from my father on my phone saying ITS A SCAM and I quickly hung up and the guy made numerous attempts to call me back. The police showed up to dollar general. I even called him back for the cops and the voicemail says it’s the sheriff station and to call 911 for an emergency. I do not know if someone was waiting for me at the sheriff station or not or if they just needed all the information on the cards I had purchased for my so called ticket. I cried for multiple hours today and I’m embarrassed that it happened to me. I have never been so scared and I completely believed him and he was in complete control of me today. Thank you to anyone that read this post and reached out to me today.

She told me that she called the number in front of the police and the voicemail said that it was the Warrick County Sheriff's Office and to call 911 for emergencies. Police didn’t have any luck tracing the call when they tried, and there are currently no leads. Her hope, by posting her story is to make sure that no one else in the Tri-State falls victim to this person(s).

If anyone receives any unsolicited calls of similar to this, requesting some form of payment for a product or a service, or a request to provide names, birth dates, and/or Social Security numbers, do not engage in conversation, no matter how convincing they may sound. Legitimate government agencies such as police will not place a call requesting personal identifiers or trying to collect money to avoid your arrest.

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