If you are a Boonville resident, don't get too use to the water bills that you receive every month. 

The average monthly water rate could increase $10 by 2019. This would be the first time since 2009 that Boonville has seen a water rate increase.

David Hernandez

According to WFIE, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission officials suggested to Mayor Charlie Wyatt and other Boonville city leaders look into increasing water rates. A proposal to do just that has already been submitted. However, approval of this proposal could take anywhere from 9-10 months.

Why increase our water rates? This would help pay for city improvements. According to WFIE,

That money would be used to help pay for about 7 and a half million dollars of improvement projects in the city including replacing water lines and potentially switching the city's wells and bulk station to solar power.


Mayor Wyatt says that the improvement projects in Boonville will help save money in the long run. One can assume that means it will save the city money in the long run, not so much the residents. What are your thoughts in regards to the potential water rate increase? Do you feel that you are currently paying too much each month, or does this increase not make much of a difference in your monthly budget?


(Source: WFIE)


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