It's funny how switching two simple letters around can make a Fanta Slushy sound like something totally different...

Sometimes signs are unintentionally funny! One funny sign was spotted in Boonville this weekend! Travis Sams is on vacation this week, so when he sent me this photo I knew I had to blog it!

Chuckles on First St. in Boonville had a sign promoting their Fanta Slushies, and someone saw the sign, and realized if they switched two letters around the sign would say something completely different.

Instead of "Cool off with a Fanta Slushy"  the sign now reads "Cool off with a Santa Flushy" HAHA!

Honestly, whoever did this, bravo! I never would have thought of that, and it's pretty comical.

Photo: Travis Sams
Photo: Travis Sams

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