What would happen if a citizen noticed a police officer driving in violation of the law and tried to make a traffic stop? First of all, I would strongly warn against trying something like this, but one guy in the state of Washington did just that and with very surprising results. The guy making the stop is Gavin Seim, who earlier this year, unsuccessfully ran for Congress in Washington State, and considers himself an activist.

In the video, Seim approaches an unmarked police cruiser and proceeds to ask the deputy for his I.D. and goes on to inform the deputy that using an unmarked police car for traffic stops is a violation of Washinton State law.

Needless to say, the deputy was less than excited about the approach, and was genuinely surprised and confused, especially when he realized that Seim was serious. You can see the exchange below and apparently Seim is correct about that law.

The deputy actually does produce his I.D. and while a little confused about the whole thing, the deputy is very cordial, polite, and even cooperative!  Deputy Canfield gets very high marks for professionalism in this case, but again, I would NOT recommend you trying this anytime soon.

If you are brave enough to try something like this, make ABSOLUTELY sure you know the law and EXACTLY what you are talking about, or this type of interaction could go VERY south, VERY quickly.



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