Ever since you have known me on WKDQ, I have been telling you how much I love lemons. I've joked and said that if I could eat lemon Pledge, I would. I love everything lemon. And, thanks to my friend Lavaliere, I'm enjoying a delicious dessert of lemons and blueberries.

Like me, Lavaliere like TikTok and all of the funny and interesting things that you can find on the video app. One thing she found and immediately thought of me, was a recipe for a lemon blueberry dessert that looked super simple to make. The TikToker, @aquicksponful, posted a video that looked almost too easy and good to be true, so I decided to try it our for myself.

Here is the complete recipe for Blueberry Lemon Heaven. I gave the dessert that name so you now how I feel about it, it's heavenly.

Blueberry Lemon Heaven - Recipe


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