This Wednesday night, we will be treated with a lunar eclipse that's also known as a "Blood Moon".

I have always been fascinated by all things outer space. From all of the planets in the solar system to black holes, everything is just really interesting to learn about. That's why when we get a view of something really cool in the sky, I always want to see it for myself and share the word with you. This week, we will definitely have the chance to see something in the night sky that would be worth stepping outside for.

This Wednesday, we will have a full moon, but it won't be any full moon. No, it will actually be the second supermoon of the season. This means that it will be much larger and brighter than usual. The fun doesn't stop there though. It will also be a total lunar eclipse!

For those who aren't sure what a lunar eclipse really is, it's where the moon and the sun are on opposite sides of Earth. According to Mr. Science, Jason Lindsey, "Although the moon is in Earth's shadow, some sunlight reaches the moon. The sunlight passes through Earth's atmosphere, which causes Earth’s atmosphere to filter out most of the blue light. This makes the moon appear red, to people, on Earth."

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The reddish hue given off by this lunar eclipse is also known as a "Blood Moon". Those located west of the Mississipi River will get to experience a total lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, that does not include us here in the Evansville area. However, that doesn't mean that we won't get a show! We'll have a partial lunar eclipse in the area. It appears that the peak time to view the lunar eclipse here will be at 5:36 a.m. on Wednesday. So, you might want to set an alarm if you really want to see it!

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