I have to admit that tears rolled down my face as I watched 22 year old Kodi Lee perform last night on the season premiere of America's Got Talent. His childlike wonder, sweetness, courage and talent will blow you away. Take a look, but grab a tissue first.

I'm still teary eyed. Love this so much. One of my favorite people in the whole world is Autistic and his name is Drew. Like Kodi and his mom in the video, Drew and his mother have an incredible bond as well. Drew's mom has always pushed him to do more and encouraged him to go beyond his own and the boundaries other's have set for him.

After being diagnosed, at 22 months, as severely Autistic to the point that he would probably only be able to sit a stare into space, Drew's mom refused to believe that he would never talk or have any kind of a life. Her love and strength life Drew higher than even she thought he would ever be able to go. This is Drew today. 

Kid's are able to do amazing things!! <3 #lovehissmile #correctinghismom #funny #amazing

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