Very exciting news to share with you today. Comedian, Bill Engvall will be making his way to Evansville's Victory Theatre!

I feel obligated to try out one of those Bill Engvall "Here's Your Sign" jokes now. Here we go:

Bill Engvall is coming to Evansville. For a stand-up show? No, to help put out orange barrels on the Lloyd Expressway. "Here's your sign!"

Of course, you know Bill from the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour", his smash album "Here's Your Sign", movies like "Delta Farce", and most recently his role as Reverand Paul on the FOX sitcom "Last Man Standing". He has been one of my favorite comedians for a long time, and we are excited to have him bringing the laughs to Evansville.

Bill Envall's Evansville Show Details:

Bill Engvall will be coming to the Victory Theatre on June 26th at 7 pm.

Tickets on sale Thursday, May 27th @ 10 am at or at the Ford Center Ticket Office.

Plus, you never know when 99.5 WKDQ might have your chance to win tickets to the show!

Don't be a "Dorkfish", and miss out on Bill Engvall at the Victory Theatre.

Finally, back to normal!

After over a year of hardly any concerts coming to town due to the pandemic, things are finally getting back to a sense of normalcy. We've been announcing several concerts making their way to the Evansville area over the past couple of weeks. It's such a refreshing thing to see. I feel like we took things like concerts for granted and didn't realize how much we need them until we didn't have any at all. Now that they are making a comeback, I know you're just as ready as I am to be in attendance at these shows and forget about everything other than having a good time. This is the first stand-up comedy show that we have announced since I don't know when. It's definitely much needed after the year we have had.

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