Evansville Aces's second year coach Walter McCarty took his team back to where he played his college basketball and watched the greatest victory in Division I Evansville basketball history as the unranked Aces knocked off the number one ranked Kentucky Wildcats Tuesday night 67-64.

Evansville v Kentucky
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Evansville was a 25 point underdog. A few things to take away from the monumental victory:

  1. The storied Kentucky Wildcats were ranked number one in the nation
  2. The Aces had looked mediocre in their first game of the season over Ball State and were picked to finish seventh in the Missouri Valley Conference
  3. This will insure massive crowds at Aces home games this season
  4. This win will help Evansville much more than it will hurt Kentucky
  5. Walter McCarty is the King of Evansville
  6. This victory will be talked about for as long as you are alive and for a while after
  7. Kentucky had never lost to an unranked non conference team at home when they were number one
  8. Evansville and Kentucky had never met
  9. Evansville had never beaten a Division One team that was ranked #1

Coach McCarty commented after the game:

"Our guys really really worked hard. They were engaged. We played a heck of a game tonight"

Evansville v Kentucky
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No kidding! Enjoy this YOU-GE upset Aces fans. The national media will be all over you this week. You can hold up that big purple finger because you knocked off #1. Sleep well tonight and get your tickets for Thursday night's game at the Ford Center when Indiana-Kokomo comes to town.

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